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Upcycled Mixed Media Compositions and Jewellery

Leslie Leong's art practice began in photography and ceramics over 35 years ago.

Today she employs a variety of expressive forms often using unorthodox materials, forcing her to adopt non-traditional techniques. This results in a more open-ended process, sending her on a journey of enquiry and exploration.

Leslie has an enquiring nature and an obsessive drive to create. Currently the result is work that ponders our future in wearable tech, imbeddable implants and human augmentation. With technology’s ability to accelerate tasks and production, she is troubled by the inability of humans to manage the current pace of life and its extreme excesses. It is no surprise she can often be found rummaging recycling stations and landfill sites for materials.
Blue Moon e-Scape

Blue Moon e-Scape
Mixed Media
Mountain e-Scape

Mountain e-Scape
11" x 11" Mixed Media

"Beautiful Bytes" Jewellery
"Deep Blue" CPU Collar

"Deep Blue"
CPU Collar

CPU parts w/
adjustable chain
CPU Necklaces

CPU Necklaces
CPU parts pendants w/ chains
(3 available)
$55 Each
Shepherd Hook Earrings

Shepherd Hook Earrings
CPU parts w/ sterling
silver shepherd hooks
$39 Each Pair

(5 pairs available, 3 SOLD)

Stud Earrings

Stud Earrings
CPU parts w/ ear studs
(3 pairs available, 1 SOLD)
$36 Each Pair
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